Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shakib Khan

Shakib Khan also Sakib Khan (Bengali:শাকিব খান/সাকিব খান)[3] is a Bangladeshi popular film actor. His original name is Masud Rana. He made his acting debut in the film Annotho Bhalobasha though it did not grant him wide fame. He also starred in Amar Shopno Tumi, directed by Mizan,[who?] which was quite successful at the box-office. Khan is widely known around Bangladesh due to his superb skill in acting and dancing. He is one of the most successful actors in Bangladesh Film history. He has received many awards and acclamations. He is the highest paid actor in Dhallywood. He won the National Film Award for Best Actor for his performance in Valobaslei Ghor Bandha Jay Na.

Khan films such as Amar Shopno Tumi (2005), Chachu (2006), Koti Takar Kabin (2006), Dadima, Pitar Ason (2007), Mone Prane Acho Tumi (2008), Tumi Shopno Tumi Shadhona (2008), Mone Boro Kosto (2009), Shaheb Name Golam (2009), Jaan Amar Jaan (2009, Bolbo Kotha Bashor Ghore (2009), Preme Porechi (2010), Poran Jaye Jolia Re (2010), Nissash Amar Tumi(2010), Hai Prem Hai Bhalobasa (2010), Matir Thikana (2011), Tiger Number One (2011), Boss Number One (2011)' Tor Karone Beche Achi(2011) and Priya Amar Jaan(2011) some of Bangladesh film industry biggest hit. and Mayer Morjada (2006), Amar Praner Shami (2007), Priya Amar Priya (2008), Valobaslei Ghor Bandha Jay Na(2010) and Number One Shakib Khan(2010) has been highest-grossing Bangladeshi film for all time.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Salman Shah (Actor Bangladesh)

Known as - Salman Shah
Original Name - Shahriar Chowdhury Emon
Birth Date - September 19, 1971
Birth Place - Zakiganj, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Died - 6 September 1996 (aged 25)
Place of Death - Dhaka, Bangladesh
Occupation - Actor
Years active 1986–1996
Height 5' 6"

Shahriar Chowdhury Emon (September 19, 1971 – September 6, 1996), better known as Salman Shah, was a Bangladeshi actor.

His nickname was Emon. Salman Shah was the first son of Kamaruddin Chowdhuri and Nila Chowdhury. His younger brother is Shaharan Evan Chowdhury. In the early 1990s when the country’s film industry remained stagnant and when vulgarism and weak-script movies ruled the industry, Salman Shah entered the film industry. In 1993 Salman Shah acted in his first film, Keyamat Thekey Keyamat. It was directed by Sohanur Rahman Sohan. The film was a remake of an Indian film named Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. Salman Shah started his acting career in TV drama. In his short film career he acted in total 19 films. His film act was associated with first Moushumi and then Shabnoor. On September 6, 1996, Shah was discovered hanging from the ceiling of his home. Later a medical board reported it as a suicidal case. None has been charged for his death.